John Hickenlooper
for U.S. Senate

I’m running to give Colorado’s priorities and values a voice in Washington. Right now we’re represented by a senator who works to undo our progress by voting 99% of the time with Donald Trump and going along with Mitch McConnell’s obstruction and partisan political games.

Winning back
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Meet John

John Hickenlooper didn’t take the usual path to public office. After working as a geologist, he became a brewer and small business owner whose successful pub was a part of the revitalization of a neglected warehouse district in Denver.

John’s independence was a hallmark of his record as mayor, where he brought people together to get things done. It was the same approach John took as governor, where he helped take the state from 40th in job creation to the top economy in the country.

John is running for Senate to make Washington work for Coloradans by bringing people together to lower health care and prescription drug costs, to keep our families safe from gun violence, and protect the state’s public lands while also combating climate change.